The EduCare program focuses on EDUCATING the child till he / she reaches a state of sustainable independence. Funding goes hand in hand with instruction that includes CHRISTIAN VALUES, good health and responsible citizenry.


EduCare PARTNERS with schools, individuals and organizations in the pursuit of its aims.


The illiteracy of the parents, apart from the economic status, is a stumbling block in development of their children; yet, the ROLE OF THE PARENT is the key to the success of this program. Thus, integral in EduCare is the empowerment of the parents, recruiting them as champions of the process of advancement of their children. We encourage them to lead healthy family lives reiterating the need to invest their resources in their children, physical, emotional and otherwise.


Eternus envisions a chain of INFLUENCE where these families learn and proceed to influence those around them and so on, leading to an exponential growth of healthy families for generations to come.


Its been seven years now and this initiative has resulted in children being educated holistically and the parents learning to look beyond and grasp bigger visions for their children.