Make a positive difference in the lives of the lesser privileged by empowering them to a point of sustainable independence

Raise the commitment of the giving community by increasing the awareness and building their confidence in the effectiveness of the foundation’s programs

In the Beginning
The thought behind the Eternus Foundation – incorporated as a Trust in September, 2005 was to accommodate in its fold children who have insufficient means to support them and who face a life of being lesser privileged.


For the Trustees, it has been the love of Christ that has compelled us and urged us forward. Eternus is not a funding agency but a group of like minded people investing in educating the child till he or she reaches a state of sustainable development with good values as their foundation.
Our dream is to raise a giving community from among the children and parents who have been impacted by the program.


Our team works around the school curriculum, meets with the children on a daily basis, interacting weekly with the parents, visiting their homes and being a support to the families wherever practicable and appropriate.